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Millions of people in this world are passionate about cars. All their creativity, energy, time, and savings are spent. It connects them to people with the same passion, all speaking the same language. Thousands of sub-cultures exist that often develop into unique cultures. Tribes, each with their aspects, such as clothing, tattoos and music, with the unifying factor being their Tribal Art – their car.
Creating Cars is a form of Art. And it is this art form that brings together designers, artists, and the automotive world. The Metaverse allows people to move more of their lives online, and an entire digital economy is developing inside these new virtual worlds.

With the launch of the β-version of the MeMAA, we are starting a journey into uncharted territory. We aim to become a platform where a creative community can share their passion for art and cars with a global audience, a place for connection and inspiration.

Marcel Haan, Founder


CarArtRevolution creates the Metaverse Museum of Automotive Art – the MeMAA, powered by rooom. Virtual real estate to showcase the broad spectrum of the Art of Cars. Offering a virtual place for all these passionate people to celebrate their passions, share their creativity, and be entertained.

The MeMAA hosts a program of curated exhibitions and events on Cars and Art.

Artists Exhibited

Stabley Rose
Tony Crampton
Tom Fritz
Nicola Wood

Gerd Ludwig
Alejandro Burdisio
Ash Thorp
Cesar Pieri

Alexandra Lier
Etienne Salome
Khyzyl Saleem