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We are at our very best when we are authentic

It is the trademark of truly alive and compassionate.
Authenticity is being yourself unapologetically.
Artists inspire us to be authentic.
They empower us to love our lives to the fullest.

In a world filled with average products and average
service we are longing for authenticity.
We have developed this sixth sense for what is fake.
Immediately notice when an advertisement is not real.
And we embrace brands that dare to be original.
Brands we can identify ourselves with as they
reflect a part of our indviduality.

“Each automotive sub-culture/tribe, has developed its own art language expressed in music, clothing, tattoos, and other expressive expressions. With the car as the unifying art object. The tribal art of our century.

We provide a platform in the real and virtual world for all of these communities to share their art to make the world a little nicer.”
Marcel Haan
Founder C.A.R