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The perception of the automobile narrated through mirror art

Iranian mirror artist Aref Montazeri joins CarArtRevolution

We are happy to welcome Aref Montazeri as our latest artist member to join C.A.R.
Aref is a sculptor originating from Iran. Extensive research of materials and novel construction techniques created the basis for unique mirror art.
He combines technique, material, and narrative in his work, which he has termed “The MIRROR follows the narrative.” He sees the CarArtRevolution as a challenge to interpret the automobile in a unique way using thousands of mirrors. We are already excited!

The admirable Leila Heller Gallery represents him.  With locations in New York and Dubai, the gallery acquired a reputation for cultivating artists’ careers, thereby leaving a lasting impact on contemporary art and culture. Additionally, the gallery is a pioneer in promoting creative dialogue and exchange between Western, Middle Eastern, and Asian artists. You can find the gallery at

We are looking forward to collaborating with both Aref and the Leila Heller Gallery.